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Children are at the center of care in CHN Pediatrics sector

​​​​​​​​Patients can count on an experienced and highly trained multidisciplinary team who deal in a welcoming and humanized way with young patients. They work in a technological environment specially designed to meet the needs of children and their families – including onco-hematological patients who have been transplanted.

CHN has an emergency room exclusively for pediatrics, ready to provide children medical service in humanized and playful environments - with six medical offices, six observation beds, two screening rooms, 10 medication and inhalation cubicles and a large trauma room, in addition to a bed for isolation for cases of infectious and contagious diseases. The Pediatric Inpatient Unit includes 30 beds, 18 of which are in the Intensive Care Unit. 

​​​​​​Reception and Humanization

When it comes to welcoming, CHN Pediatrics organizes playful activities, celebrates festive dates and distributes joy to hospitalized children and parents and caregivers with the group of clowns from Universorriso. The initiative was designed to ease the stress of hospitalization.​


​​​​​​Pediatric Specialties

Allergy and Immunology
Gastroenterology and Hepatology

​​​​​​Clinical Staff

Leonardo Nese – CHN Maternal-Children Medical Manager
Christine Tamar – Coordinator of the Emergency and Pediatric Inpatient Unit
Daniela Paes Leme Peyneau – Coordinator of the Neonatal ICU
Larissa Pessin – Allergy and Immunology
Edmo Dutra – Surgery
Simone Coelho – Pediatric Oncology Surgery
Violeta Tortelly – Dermatologist
Erika Teixeira and Dr. Gustavo Paulon – Endocrinology
Simone Coelho – Pediatric Oncology Surgery
Julienne Martins – Infectology
Luciane Baratelli and Dr. Luane Abdalla – Neurology
Geraldo Paraguassu – Neurosurgery
Cláudia Pires – Nephrology
Luzia Abraão – Otorhinolaryngology
Marcelo Toledo – Orthopedics
Erika Theml – Psychiatry
Cynthia França – Rheumatology
Luis Fernando Bouzas – Transplant
Rebecca Louback – Dentistry
Viviam Castello Branco Lourival – Medical routine of the Neonatology ICU
Gustavo Freitas da Silva Guimarães – Pediatric ICU Medical Routine
Danielle Plubins Bulkool – Pediatric ICU Medical Routine
Denoel Marcelino de Oliveira – Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Babycor – Cardiology for Hospitalized Children
Oncoped Team, headed by Dr. Fernanda Catta Preta – Hematology