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Medical Support Center

Comfort and convenience for CHN doctors and professionals

​Located on the cover of Unit IV, the Medical Support Center (CAM) was specially designed to offer comfort and convenience to both CHN doctors and professionals visiting the hospital. The space is divided into a living area, equipped with LCD TV, comfortable armchairs, newspapers, magazines and computers with internet access; a luggage storage; a small meeting room and a mini-cafeteria, with drinks and snacks available.

For the convenience of physicians, the valet is available in front of the Adult Emergency, close to Unit IV access.​


Medical Support

To streamline the demands of doctors and facilitate their routine, CAM makes available an assistant to help them in contacting patients and families, searching for exam results, scheduling appointments and other activities.

Information and suggestions through the telephones (21) 2729-1179 / 97352-9109 or by e-mail​