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Emergency Complex

Fast and safe emergency

​CHN innovated once again by introducing a new concept in emergency care: the Emergency Complex. Composed of six specializations – Cardiology, Traumatology, Obstetrics, Adult, Pediatric and Orthopedic –, it was the first in Latin America to receive the Award in Emergency Services certification, in the Diamond category, from the IQG-Health Services Accreditation institute. Dedicated to attesting the quality of care in Brazilian emergency rooms, it evaluates protocols, metrics and measures adopted to keep an emergency room always agile and safe.​

Adult Emergency

Our emergency service is the most complete in the North-East Fluminense Region and reaches approximately 11,000 patients per month. The clinical staff and multidisciplinary teams of Complexo Hospitalar de Niterói are capable of taking care of critical cases with rapid resolution, with on-call clinicians, surgeons, anesthetists and radiologists. In addition to an extensive and modern diagnostic imaging and laboratory support structure, emergency patients also have the technology of rapid tests at their disposal – which deliver results in up to 30 minutes.​

Orthopedic Emergency

The Orthopedics and Traumatology Service of Complexo Hospitalar de Niterói aims to promote multidisciplinary care, integrated to the medical clinic and the Advanced Trauma Unit. Composed of professionals from various subspecialties, such as knee, hand, shoulder, foot and ankle surgery; child orthopedic and oncology surgery; hip surgery; chronic pain clinic; bone reconstructive microsurgery; tissue losses and reimplantations; and skeletal muscle transplant group.
Our mission is to offer the patient greater comfort and ease in obtaining a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment through the interaction among the various specialties. We follow strict care protocols, which makes Complexo Hospitalar de Niterói of a reference center for the treatment of emergency and urgent orthopedic pathologies, as well as support for outpatient orthopedic pathologies.​​

Pediatric Emergency

In an environment specially designed to meet the needs of children and their families, the Pediatric Emergency Service has a highly trained multidisciplinary team consisting of pediatricians, orthopedists and surgeons available 24/7. We have beds for rest care and medication and nebulization rooms, in addition to the infrastructure integrated with the diagnostic medicine wing for rapid laboratory and imaging tests. 

Clinical Staff 
Christine Tamar – Coordinator of the Emergency and Pediatric Inpatient Unit

Cardiovascular Emergency

We have a team of cardiologists available 24 hours a day, two dedicated medical offices and seven exclusive beds for patients with cardiovascular disease. All medical services are provided in an agile, safe and individualized manner, with medical teams dedicated to the following specialized units: 

  •  Chest Pain Unit;
  •  Acute Heart Failure Unit;
  •  Syncope Unit;
  • Vascular Unit - 24h Aorta and Pulmonary Embolism;
  •  Acute care in anticoagulation;
  •  24h Arrhythmia and Pacemaker Unit;
  •  Virtual Cardiology Care Center / Teleorientation;
  •  Adult and Adolescent Congenital Heart Disease Center.

The cardiovascular emergency room is integrated into the hospital infrastructure, which allows easy access to imaging equipment, Intensive Care Units (ICUs) and other medical services with all the necessary security for highly complex cases.

Clinical Staff
Dr. Rafael Vilanova Lima – Medical Coordinator of Cardiac Emergency.

Obstetric Emergency

Located in Unit III, the Obstetrics Emergency Department has renowned gynecologists, two obstetricians and specialized nurses available 24/7. The structure includes four medical offices, rest beds, hydration chairs and support for imaging and laboratory tests for all types of emergency care during all stages of pregnancy, including easy access to the Surgical Center for emergency deliveries.

Clinical Staff 
Camila Assad Gutman - Obstetrician
Daniela Gomes Machado Selano - Obstetrician
Manuelle Bonato - Obstetrician

Trauma Emergency Room - Trauma Center

The Trauma Center has a specialized team for the care of small and large traumas. Physicians with experience in trauma acquired in major public hospitals in the country who are on call 24/7 to provide complete and responsive care, including the performance emergency surgeries. With the capacity to receive the patient throughout the trauma care chain – emergency, diagnosis, surgeries and hospitalizations – the hospital has implemented quality international protocols to act from admission to hospital discharge.

Clinical Staff 
Bruno Moreira André - General Surgery
Felipe Guedes Siqueira - General Surgery and Trauma Surgery
Geison Orçay Eccard - General Surgery and Minimally Invasive Surgery
Hélio Machado Vieira Jr. - Trauma Center Coordinator
Paulo de Oliveira Silveira - General Surgery and Trauma Surgery
Pedro Gabriel dos Santos Machado - General Surgery