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Intensive Unit Care

Special equipment and monitoring

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of CNH offers all the necessary support to accommodate critically ill and highly complex patients in various medical specialties. Altogether, there are 110 beds in a structure with sophisticated equipment to meet all needs and special monitoring. The ICU of CHN is comprised of:​

​​​​​General ICU​

With a modern technology park and a high-standard multidisciplinary team, which includes physicians, nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists and nutrologist physicians, speech therapists and psychologists, the General ICU has 24 beds – with expansion expected to be 28 soon. The care services practiced in the best hospitals in the world and recognized through certifications are adopted in the General ICU to ensure comfort, safety and agility in patient care

Corpo Clínico​
Andréa Michelli – General ICU 
Felipe Ribeiro – General ICU 
José Maurício Linhares – General ICU 
Josete Silva – General ICU 
Moyzes Damasceno – ICU Medical Manager 
Mozart Bellas – General ICU
Simone Vinhas – General ICU Unit Coordinator

​​​​​​UTI Cardiológica

Com 20 leitos disponíveis, a UTI Cardiológica dedica cuidados especiais tanto para pacientes críticos com quadros de alta complexidade e assistência circulatória quanto para pacientes com patologias de menor gravidade.

​​​​​​Cardiology ICU

With 20 beds available, the Cardiology ICU provides special care for both critically ill patients with highly complex conditions and circulatory assistance and for patients with less severe pathologies.

​​​​​​Neonatal ICU

The CHN Neonatal ICU is modern and well equipped, with a soft and playful decorated environment and 24 beds for the care of high-risk newborns – or those in need of special care.
The unit has support for laboratory and imaging diagnostic exams, in addition to having professionals in pediatric pediatrics, cardiac surgery, neurology, neurosurgery, nephrology and a team qualified in several other areas to provide the best care to young patients.

Clinical Staff

Daniela Paes Leme Peyneau – Neonatal ICU Coordinator
Leonardo Nese - Neonatal ICU Medical Manager
Daniela Paes Leme Peyneau - Neonatal ICU Coordinator Physician
Vívian Castello Branco Lourival - Neonatal ICU Medical Routine

​​​​​​Neurointensive ICU

Dedicated to patients with complex-stage neurological diseases, the Neurointensive ICU has 12 exclusive inpatient beds. The space, equipped with state-of-the-art technology for diagnostic investigation, follows differentiated protocols for diseases such as Ischemic stroke (CVA).

Clinical Staff
Marcus Tulius T. Silva – Neurologist
Ana Beatriz Soldati – Neurology
Carolina Jabarra – Neurology
Clarissa Spitz – Neurology (performing the electroneuromyography examination)
Cristina Almeida – Neurology
Giseli Quintanilha – Neurology
Lígia Rocha – Neurology
Louise Giesel – Neurology

​​​​​​Pediatric ICU

The Pediatric ICU has 18 beds with constant monitoring and a dedicated team, consisting of pediatricians, pediatric surgeons, cardiologists, neurologists, physiotherapists, speech therapists and nurses - who accompany the children quickly and safely, ensuring their well-being throughout their stay.

Clinical Staff 
Christine Tamar – Emergency and Pediatric ICU Coordinator
Gustavo Freitas da Silva Guimarães – Pediatric ICU Medical Routine
Leonardo Nese – Pediatric ICU Medical Manager
Danielle Publins Bulkool – Pediatric ICU Medical Routine

​​​​​​Postoperative ICU

Located next to the Surgical Center, the Postoperative ICU has 10 beds and receives patients who need intensive care after undergoing higher-risk surgeries. 
The medical team, made up of intensivists, clinicians and anesthesiologists, works in accordance with the care protocols managed and handled by a multidisciplinary team at the hospital.

​​​​​​Burn Patients ICU

A multidisciplinary team, made up of plastic, general and intensive care surgeons, works in the Intensive Care Unit Specialized in Burn Patients (UITQ). 
In this space, which has four exclusive beds, patients suffering from burns of varying degrees receive specialized care.

​​​​​​Transplant ICU

The exclusive ICU for the Transplant sector has 21 beds dedicated to transplant patients, including eight beds equipped with HEPA filter and positive pressure – which reduce the risk of infection during the most complex periods for the patient.
Clinical Staff
Márcia Rejane Valentim – CHN Transplant Coordinator
Alan Castro – Technician Responsible for the Kidney Transplant Program 
Ana Luísa Sales – Technician Responsible for the Cardiac Transplant Program
Rodrigo Goes – Technician Responsible for the Musculoskeletal Transplant Program 
Maria Cláudia Rodrigues Moreira – Technician Responsible for the Bone Marrow Transplant Program 
Ricardo Bigni – Technician Responsible for the Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant Program