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Surgical Specialties

Quality, agility and safety of the surgical patient

The CHN Surgical Center provides the necessary excellence to take care of the patient with agility and comfort. Comprised of 11 designed rooms, the space has high-tech and quality equipment, such as:

  • Full HD videolaparoscopy apparatus;
  • Pentero microscope, which generates images in high resolution and depth, with more illumination for surgeons;
  • Surgical arch with image intensifier equipments, which produce high-resolution, real-time images that enhance the physician's view;
  • LED lights, cameras and all necessary accessories for neurosurgeries and orthopedic procedures.

Infrastructure and accommodation

The CHN Surgical Center has rooms designed exclusively for highly complex procedures, a room for cardiovascular techniques and two integrated rooms with a structure for performing kidney transplantation. Four rooms dedicated to uncontaminated elective surgeries were also opened, such as cesarean sections, cosmetic and vascular surgeries, and six rooms equipped with laminar flow filtration technology – which provides additional protection against the entry of microorganisms. 

Safe Surgery

As a safety criterion, the CNH Surgical Center complies with the standards stipulated by the Safe Surgery Protocol, which brings benefits to physicians and also to patients. The protocol guarantees the following items: 

Informed Consent Form

Term provided by the hospital or physician containing information and clarifications, in addition to guaranteeing authorization for surgery. The Informed Consent Term allows the patient to make decisions about the care actions proposed by the physician and consent to the procedure.

Surgical site marking (laterality)

Previous identification of the site and laterality (right, left or both; structures or multiple levels) of the surgery. The marking is carried out by the surgeon, the physician performing the procedure, or the professional indicated by him/her and is carried out in all patients who will undergo unilateral procedures.

Time out

Procedure performed before patient sedation in which the nursing staff checks, out loud and in the presence of the physician and anesthesiologist, the verification items: patient, procedure, location, equipment, materials (including implants and prostheses), medications and documentation.

Prophylactic antibiotics

Medicines of this type will be administered up to 60 minutes before the surgical incision, avoiding the prolonged use of this medicine and decreasing the rate of infection at the surgical site.

Intelligent Operating Room

The surgeon has full control of all equipment in the Intelligent Operating Room, which gives him/her greater autonomy during the procedures. All equipment is suspended on stands, with pneumatic “arms", which allows it to be better positioned during surgery and prevents the wiring from coming into contact with the floor. Among the benefits of the technology for the patient are the reduction of surgical and hospitalization time, in addition to a reduction in the rate of hospital infection.

Patients also have pre-operative, postanesthetic recovery (RPA) beds and a Day Clinic for hospitalizations for just one day. Physicians, on the other hand, have a large rest area and integration with visiting physicians who work at the hospital, known as the Medical Support Center (CAM).

​​​​​​Surgical Specialties practiced at CHN

- Head and Neck Surgery

- Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

- Cardiovascular Surgery

- Vascular Surgery

- Pediatric Surgery

- General Surgery

- Gynecological Surgery

- Obstetric Surgery

- Neonatal Surgery

- Oncology Surgery

- Thoracic Surgery

- Urological Surgery

- Plastic Surgery

- Hand Surgery

- Bariatric Surgery

- Proctological Surgery

- Neurosurgery

- Orthopedics

- Otorhinolaryngology

- Ophthalmology

- Transplants (heart, kidney, liver and skeletal muscle)

- Minimally invasive hemodynamic procedures (diagnostic and therapeutic)