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Neurology stands out as one of the great pillars of CNH.

​​​​Combining highly trained doctors, differentiated technology and a multidisciplinary team dedicated to patient care, the main neurological diseases can be investigated and their treatment started in the hospital with the guarantee of safety, agility and efficiency. 
In addition to having a 3 TESLA MRI machine, essential to obtain assertive results for the diagnosis of neurological pathologies, CNH also offers a hemodynamics sector with two rooms fully equipped to treat patients in the acute phase of stroke with thrombectomy and patients with brain aneurysm.   

​​​​​​Clinical Staff

Ana Beatriz Soldati
Carolina Jabarra
Cristina Almeida
Giseli Quintanilha
Lígia Rocha
Louise Giesel​
Marcus Tulius T. Silva ​​