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The Hospital Complex of Niterói consists of five units

​​​Unit I

Unit I gathers services classified as highly complex, such as Adult Intensive Care Units, with more than 45 beds in Adult, Neurointensive and Postoperative ICUs, in addition to the inpatient ward and seven rooms within the Surgical Center. It is located at Rua La Salle nº12, Centro – Niterói

Unit II

Housing the low-complexity Diagnostic Imaging Medicine area, Unit II also has the Integrated Medical Solutions Center, with offices for outpatient services for prevention and diagnosis in various clinical and surgical specialties. It is located at Rua Manoel de Abreu nº 9, Centro – Niterói.

Unit III

Specialized in maternal and child care, Unit III has four Obstetric Surgical Center rooms along with the other seven rooms that make up the Surgical Center of Unit I. The building also houses the Obstetric Emergency, the Neonatal ICU with 24 beds, 54 inpatient beds (with four VIP beds) and the nursery. It is located at Rua Dr. Celestino nº113, Centro – Niterói.



Unit IV and V

Units IV and V comprise the Emergency Complex with six medical specialties, 20 beds in the Cardio-Intensive Care Unit, Diagnostic Medicine sector, 26 beds in the Transplant Unit, 18 beds in the Pediatric ICU and three floors of private rooms for inpatient care. It is located at Rua Eusébio de Queirós, 333 - Centro, Niterói